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About Spray Booths

The spray booth is the first–and possibly most important–investment any professional painter will make. Nothing can ruin a good painting job like debris, bugs and dirt. Those that paint outside, or even in an open garage, can testify to the many problems inherent with the open atmosphere. A closed garage is unwise and impractical, due to the lack of ventilation. A spray booth is the best option, and that is why the most professional body shops all have at least one.


  1. Before the spray booth was introduced to the auto painting world in the early 1940s, automobile paint jobs were subject to a high degree of imperfections in the finish. Because auto painting is such a delicate process, even the slightest bit of dirt can make a fine paint job look like a splotchy mess. Oils from the air, bugs that accidentally fly into the finish, and even small pieces of trash can find ways in which to ruin a paint job. The spray booth came along just in time to revolutionize the way automobiles came off the assembly line.


  2. Though it may differ according to brand and need, a spray booth generally has the same basic features across the board. It will consist of four walls and a ceiling and a ventilation system. This ventilation system will prevent fumes from building up inside the booth and making it impossible or dangerous for the painter to continue his work. In addition to this, a spray booth will always have a place for air filters in the ventilation system, so that dirt and dust does not accompany fresh air into the booth\’s atmosphere, thus cancelling the benefits of the booth in the first place. Many spray booths also include a heating feature, in order to cure a paint job, or make it dry faster.


  3. Automobile painting requires the use of many hazardous chemicals, most of which are highly flammable and even explosive in nature. Because of this, strict regulations are in place to ensure that auto painting takes place in the safest manner for both the painter and the surrounding environment. Due to these regulations, it is vital that the potential spray booth customer ask questions before purchasing a spray booth. Regulations vary from state to state, so it is wise to make sure a spray booth is up to code before spending thousands of Rands purchasing one.
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