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2 Post Car Parking Hoist - Tilting Lift



Tilting Parking Lifts - Lead Time 8-12 weeks

- Price quotes are ex vat excluding delivery and installation

The system is designed for the low ceiling home garage, basement and any squeezed area. By using this lift, the user can park two sedans at the same time.

In the most of the residential house and building basement, the height clearance is very limited because of the budget and other factors. The ceiling height could be 3 meters and even lower. In this case, all the lifts are not suitable for parking except T1T1 Tow Post Garage Lift. Because of the tilt design, the lift doesn’t need to reach the regular height to make space for the car parking under the platform.

  • Model T1T1
  • Equipment Weight 1,000 KG
  • Lifting Capacity 2,000 KG
  • Parking Height 1,850 MM
  • Parking Width 2,100 MM
  • Parking Length 5,000 MM
  • Anti-fall Safety Device Position Locks
  • Additional Safety Device Limit Switch
  • Additional Safety Device Hydraulic Parachute Valve
  • Controller Key Switch With Emergency Button
  • Control Box Integrated Modules For Simple Wiring
  • Power Pack 2.2 Kw Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Electrical Requirement 220-450 V, 1 /3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Control Power 24 V
  • Anti-rust Treatment Galvanizing And Powder Coating
  • Retrieval Time 40 Seconds

Rated lifting load:
Rated maximum lifting height: 1800mm Equipment net weight: 900kg

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