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SB1 Budget Automobile Spray Booth


Product Description: SB1 Budget Automobile Spray Booth
Model SB1
External size (m):  8.1×4.0x3.2
Internal size (m): 6.9×3.9×2.7
Entrance Width(M): 3.0
Entrance Height(M): 2.7
Fan capacity(m3/h): 17000
Air velocity (m/s): 0.2-0.25
Power (kw) 7
Suitable: Automobile Type Car
1. Exhaust fan is installed behind the spray booth.
2. Filter is placed in the outlet behind the spray booth.
3. Filter is placed in the first half of ceiling.
4. Three front doors, one of them equipped with pressure lock is for personnel\’s convenience.
5. Big vane, strong air flow, motor and vane separated.
6. Infrared light for option. That infrared light is easily movable assures well baking of different parts.
Wall panel: Sandwich style, g=50mm, polystyrene. Rock wool available as required.
Door: 3 PCS of front door without aluminum side cover. 1PCS of emergency door with pressure lock.
Exhaust fan: 1 unit of 5.5kw single-sided centrifugal fan.
Exhaust duct: 3m straight ducts, one 90 degree bend, and one 60 degree bend.
Filtration: Mounted at the rear wall panel.
Roof filter: 2 PCS of filter, mounted above support frame, which is made of steel and powder coated.
Upper light: 8 sets, 4*40w per set.
Control box: Components made in China, overload, overheat, phase-lacking protection, straight driven motor.


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