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SB3000-C BUS/TRUCK Spray Booth VW Approved Truck Spray booth


Product Description: SB3000-C BUS/TRUCK Spray Booth VW Approved Truck Spray booth
External size (m): 15.2 x6.6 x5.0
Internal size (m): 15.0 x5.0 x4.5
Entrance Width(M): 4.0
Entrance Height(M): 4.0
Fan capacity(m3/h): 72000
Air velocity (m/s): 0.3-0.5
Air ventilation (times/h): 332
Max Drying Temperature: 60?-80?
Oil consumption (L/unit): 6-8
Power (kw): 50
Suitable Automobile Type: Bus

  • Wall panel: sandwich style, g=75mm, polystyrene, rock wool available as required.
  • Basement: concrete structure made by customers, 2 rows of grids, 3d lifts as optional.
  • Door: 4 pcs of front door without aluminium side cover. 2 pcs of emergency door with pressure lock.
  • Two 11kw intake fans and two 11kw exhaust fans.
  • Two sets of exhaust/intake ducts, 5m straight, one 90° bend, and one 60° bend each. two sets of chimney, 5m straight and 2 small bends.
  • 2 sets of manual VCD exhaust/intake dampers, electrical VCD as optional.
  • Spraying/baking transition damper, automatically air controlled.
  • Heat exchanger: stainless steel. 2units of RIELLO RG5S burners.
  • Roof filter: 16 pcs of filter, mounted above support frame, which is made of steel and powder coated.
  • 2 pcs of floor filter and 2 pcs of outlet filter.
  • Upper light: 20 sets, 4*40w per set. side lights: 16sets, 4*40w.
  • Control box: imported components, overload, overheat, phase-lacking, phase-locking protection, engine y/? start.
  • Automatically stop when preset time is up.
  • Constant temperature spraying.
  • Environmental filter :the equipment can be adopted m style activated carbon or drawer style activated carbon.


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