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SB7101 Automobile Spray Booth CE Approval


Product Description:SB7101 Automobile Spray Booth CE Approval
Overall size(m): 7.0X5.6X3.5
Inner size (m): 6.9X3.9X2.8
Entrance width: 3.0m
Entrance height: 2.8m
Air flow volume: 20000m3/h
Air Velocity (m/s): 0.25-0.35
Ventilation times: 265/h
Work Temperature: 60-80dc
Oil consumption: 6-8 kg/set
Power (KW): 10
wall board: 50mm
Air in-taker:1 unit 7.5kw
air exhauster: None


Full down draft airflow during spraying and curing cycles.
High efficiency full filtered ceiling
Dual surface insulated panel construction
Standard 3-wing insulated main doors with observation window
One side access door with observation window
Strong metal base
Generating group and control box can be mounted on either side.
Wall board: 50mm, poly inside, 0.426 mm steel thickness  
Philips fluorescent tubes inside the booth (in roof or side)
Quantity: 32pc  
Full automatic electrical control panel, provides the time,
temperature needed in program of spraying and painting
all electric parts are CE certificated.
Italian RIELLO brand oil burner with reliable ignition function
and long service life.
Switzerland BELIMO ventilation door ensures fast temperature
Increasing in booth to save oil and electricity. Control Box Oil burner
Siemens technology blower with large volume air flow
and low noise.
Heat exchanger made of Gr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant stainless

Active carbon environment protection device.



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