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SB7301 Automobile Spray Booth CE Approval


Overall size(m): 8.7×5.6×4.2
Inner size (m): 8.6×4.0x3.5
Entrance width: 3.0m
Entrance height: 3.5m
Air flow volume: 22000m3/h
Air Velocity (m/s): 0.25-0.35
Ventilation times: 333/h
Work Temperature: 60-80dc
Oil consumption: 7-8kg/set
Power (KW): 22
wall board: 50mm
Air Intake:1×7.5kw
Air exhauster:1×7.5kw


  • Full downdraft airflow during spraying and curing cycles.
  • High efficiency full filtered ceiling
  • Dual surface insulated panel construction
  • Standard 3-wing insulated main doors with observation window
  • One side access door with observation window
  • Strong metal base
  • Generating group and control box can be mounted on either side.
  • Wall board: 50mm, rock wool inside, 0.5 mm steel thickness
  • Philips fluorescent tubes inside the booth (in roof or side) Quantity: 48pc
  • Full automatic electrical control panel, provides the time,
    temperature needed in program of spraying and painting.
  • Italian RIELLO brand oil burner with reliable ignition function
    and long service life.
  • Switzerland BELIMO ventilation door ensures fast temperature
    Increasing in booth to save oil and electricity.
  • Siemens technology blower with large volume air flow
    and low noise.
  • Heat exchanger made of Gr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant stainless
    Active carbon environment protection device.


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