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SB7501 Automobile Spray Booth CE Approval


Product Description:SB7501 Automobile Spray Booth CE Approval
Overall size(m): 7.0X5.3X3.5
Inner size (m): 6.9X3.9X2.7
Entrance width: 3.0m
Entrance height: 2.66m
Air flow volume: 24000m3/h
Air Velocity (m/s): 0.25-0.35
Ventilation times: 265/h
Work Temperature: 60-80dc
Oil consumption: 6-8 kg/set
Power (KW): 9.5
wall board: 50mm
Thermal insulation: Polyethlene
Oil Burner: Riello, G20
Air in take 1×7.5kw
Air Exhauster: None
Control System: Made in China
Filter system: Italian Made
Upper corner Lights: 40pc


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