SBE-1 Spray Booth No Basement

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  Spray Booth - with Inlet and Exhaust Fan and Diesel Burner for Baking External Size (mm) 8400×4100×3400 (Internal Size (mm) 6900×4000×2800 (Front Door(mm) 3000(W)×2600(H) Capacity: 12000 m3/h; read more
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SBE-1 Spray Booth No Basement


SBE-1 - 6900×4000×2800 MM Full-Down Draft Spray Booth20 ft Container
Inside Dimension6900 × 4000 × 2800mm (L×W×H)
Outside Dimension8400 × 4100 × 3400 mm (L×W×H)
Main Door (W×H)

3 folds door , 3000×2600mm ,it is bending steel without cover frame.

This type is very strong and beautiful .  Also equipped with Handle & Lock.

Personal Door1 fold ,650 × 2000mm (W×H). Equipped with Handle & Anti-Explosion Lock .
Wall Panels

-High quality double construction insulation EPS panel, thickness: 50mm.

-Galvanized steel roof panel .

BasementNo Basement - sits on factory floor
Lighting System

Ceiling light: 8 sets*4pcs=32 pcs 36w Philips lamp, no bottom light, 800 Lux. Ballasts Professional and durable.

Generator Setting Type

-Side upper intake air, quadrate steel frame, coated steel ,inside rock-wool insulation.

-Electric damper actuates from the spraying to baking cycle.

Inlet FanModel: YDW-4.5AL1
Capacity: 12000m3/h
Power: 4 kw
Quantity: 2 sets
Exhaust FanExhaust Fan - Model: YDW-5.6S
Capacity: 15000m3/h
Power: 5.5 kw
Quantity: 1 set
Heating System

One set Italy Riello G10 Diesel burner, 100000Kcal/h, 10N Switzerland original electric damper motor can automatically achieve from spraying to baking cycle.
Max temp:50 degrees celsius, heating time: 4-5min(20-50℃), fuel consumption: 4-5kg/vehicle.

Filter System-The primary filter ,Ceiling filter, fiberglass paint-stop filter.
Air SpeedNo-load Air Speed: 0.25m/s
Control System

Working Switch, Light Switch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm.

Total Power11 KW (380V ,50HZ ,3 Phase )

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Spray Booth
Terms & Conditions
Additional ducting will be for the buyers account
V.A.T.: The quoted price excludes Vat
Warranty: One Year
Training: Training on site is included. If Applicable.
Installation & Commissioning: Installation and Commissioning is included however the connection
of air hoses, water traps, electricity, roof sealing around the ducting, any extension of ducting and a forklift to offload, scaffolding And is for the clients account.
Scope of Work
Scope of Works Concerning the Supply & Installation of Spray Booth and Paint mixing Room
Customer Responsibilities
Fire Prevention/Safety
1. It is your responsibility as owner/user to ensure that all spray painting equipment purchased and installed in your work premises adheres to ALL fire rules, regulations and laws and By Laws etc. Fire rules, regulations and laws etc. differ from municipality to municipality, and it is your responsibility to ensure adherence thereto. Not with holding that we will offer assistance in acquiring approval from the council. You as the Buyer with the aid of Nutec needs to arrange procurement of all necessary authorization and planning permission associated with supply and erection of items quoted herein.
Before Installation: The Buyers responsibility
1. All arrangements connected with civil works to ensure smooth execution of installation, based on drawings supplied by us, if the latter is necessary.
2. Procurement of all necessary authorization and planning permission associated with supply and erection of items quoted herein.
3. Provision of energy supply and energy e.g. oil tank, Diesel Tank (if necessary, intermediate pumps) and supply lines of energy material to our connection points. i.e three phase electricity
4. Electrical supply to switching installation site.
5. Unloading ALL components from transportation at installation site or unless the seller has made prior arrangements with the installers.
6. Supply a forklift truck in able to offloads the products on arrival at the installation site.
7. Access around all plant at point of installation.
8. Room for access to, lying out of and erecting all ventilation and exhaust air.
9. Provision of a forklift for unloading, reloading, if necessary and material handling on site.
10. To ensure sufficient room around each item for installation (approximately 1 meter),
11. The completion of all civil works including pits, Flat floors, platforms etc.
12. Power installations
During Installation: The Buyers Responsibility
1. To ensure solid ground lm around all items for installation in order to set a mobile framework. More may be required if a platform and walkway is built.
2. Provision of 220 and 380 volt construction power for welding and installation equipment and to ensure that there is sufficient cable around each item for installation.
3. Hoisting equipment, Scissor lift (Roof) and scaffolding if needed.
4. Labour, to assist with installation if needed.
5. Power installations with connections to control cabinet and all other consuming devices, such as motors, burner, regulation devices and illumination.
6. Connection of oil and gas burners to supply mains.
7. Roof space for all ducting.
8. The provision of all ducting (Unless otherwise specified) in excess of 2 meters per exhaust from start of the ducting base of any equipment supplied by us. Additionally, the provision of any ducting that deviates, in any way, shape or form from straight
9. Outlet lines ducting for condensation from air heater and smoke/fume line (ducting) as necessary. Waste disposal of condensate in accordance with environmental requirements/regulations.
10. Electrical earthing of all equipment as requested and advised by Electrical engineer.
11. Insulation of warm air ducting and pipes in accordance with the spec.
12. Cable adjusters/anchors for pipes and channels over the roof as necessary.
13. Roof works for fresh air, exhaust air and smoke ducting.
14. Any changes required by the buyer or the local authority in any respect or form will be at the buyers expense
After Installation: The Buyer only if applicable with the purchase or the product.
1. The Buyer will provide heating fuel for commissioning.
2. Making compressed air available.
3. All power hook up by certified personnel.
4. If necessary, inspection and certification from the proper authorities.


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