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Paint Booth Maintenance

A spray paint booth is a vital part of any workshop that works on repairing and restoring automobiles. In general, it takes the form of an enclosed, well-ventilated structure that allows you to spray-coat automobiles and other large objects like cabinetry, boats and fences with paint or lacquer. Although originally only for applying auto paint to cars, you can adapt paint booths to paint any large object with either varnish or lacquer-based paints.

    Before Maintenance Begins

  1. How you maintain the equipment inside your paint booth makes the difference between a great paint job and a shoddy one. Dirt that gets clogged in the equipment can very easily mess up what would otherwise be an amazing restoration. Also, because the booth creates a fine spray out a highly flammable liquid, there\’s a potential that something could catch on fire, a possibility that is increased by a badly maintained booth.
    The most important thing before you start any work on your paint booth is to ensure that the main switch is both turned off and locked in place so that the booth can\’t be turned on accidentally while you\’re in there. The equipment tends to heat up a lot when it is running, so you should also allow it to cool down before attempting any maintenance. Also, the generator tends to make the booth itself heat up, which could interfere with maintenance.

    Paint Booth Filter

  2. When performing maintenance on your paint booth, the filter is the most important part to check and clean. Paint arrestor filters should be changed at least once a month, but the exact frequency will vary depending on the volume sprayed every day and the state of the booth\’s surroundings.
    An overlooked paint filter is one of the most detrimental things to a paint booth. This is because it can very easily ruin a repair by getting dirt on a new paint job. If this is the first time you\’re changing your paint booth filter, consult a professional first, because there are a variety of filters available and not all will be suitable for your booth.

    Fan Motor

  3. The fan motor is a very important part of your paint booth, and it needs to be maintained. Unfortunately, it is also the most overlooked part when performing maintenance on a paint booth. The primary cause of paint booth blower problems is built-up dust in the motor, which can be easily rectified by taking the motor apart and cleaning it.
    If you don\’t inspect your fan motor belt every 3 to 6 months and replace it when necessary, it can harden, glaze or slip. This leads to ruined paint jobs, and it\’s much less of a headache just to replace the belt when it needs to be replaced. Also, you should only replace your current motor belt with a proper paint booth belt, as a replacement belt like an automotive one will only serve as a cheap and sloppy substitute and won\’t make your paint jobs any nicer.
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