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Please read this using manual carefully and save well before using this equipment!

I. Operational principle:

1. Normal spraying: turn on control power supply?lighting power supply?spraying switch, then intake system working, close the damper of inside recycle. (5). At the moment, the fresh air goes through the pre-filter by intake air fan (1) first to be filtered off the granule of dust, and enters into the intake air fan and air intake room, then filtered by ceiling filter (2) and into the booth which filter 98% dust of air, keep the fresh air when spraying. The air is not less 0.3m/s going down, to be effected by exhaust air fan, will bring the paint. First, pass fiberglass filter underneath the grills. (3) To absorb air dust, in order to protect operator healthy and surface quality of painting. Then filter by environmental protection cabinet. (4)Fully absorb paint and clean dust out.


Air flow: intake air mouth? pre-filter? intake air valve? intake air fan? heat exchanger? static pressure room? sub-high efficiency filter? spray room? floor filter? environmental protection cabinet? exhaust air fan? exhaust air duct? atmosphere ( refer to the flow chart for purifying air)


2. Heat spraying: The ambient temperature is below 20? (usually, it is below 10?), firstly start up the power supplier, setting the risen-temperature scale, turn on the light switch, turn off the baking switch, the risen-temperature spraying is on. At this moment, the intake& exhaust air fan, burner start to work and the inner circulation damper is closed. The air is heated at this process and the working principle of normal temperature spraying is the same as this.


Air flow: intake air mouth ?pre-filter ? intake air valve ? intake air fan ? heat exchanger ( the air is heated up for spraying) ?static pressure room ?sub-high efficiency filter ?spray room ?floor filter ?environmental protection cabinet ?exhaust air fan ? exhaust air duct ?atmosphere ( refer to the flow chart for purifying)

3. Baking: Before baking, please setting baking temperature and baking time, turn off the light switch, and then turn off the spraying/risen-temperature, turn on the baking switch, enter into the paint baking process of the state of auto-complete. When the intake air starts to work, the auto-controlled burner will ignite. According to temperature control meter set temperature for automatically controlling heat power, in order to keep invariableness temperature. At the moment, the outside air is only 15% fresh. Passing the pre-filter into the intake air cabinet, the intake air cabinet into heating system to heat up, then into air intake room.(2) Passing the high efficiency filter into inside spray booth., most hot air are filtered then goes through pneumatic recycle damper with hot air.(5)It being inhaled and heated up again when through the heat exchanger. At the moment, it saving power, temperature inside room will increase rapidity, the hot air is filtered twice being clean air, after heating up on the surface of automobile.


Air flow: Inside air? inside recycle damper? intake fan? heat exchanger (air is heated in need) ? air intake room? filter? spraying room? pre filter for recycling twice? inside recycle damper

II. Technical parameters of baking room:

1. Inside Dimension: 6900×3900×2700mm (L×W×H)

2. Outside Dimension: 7000×5400×3400mm (L×W×H)

3. Basement and floor: Complete steel assemble, galvanized steel.height:300mm, complete grille with reflecting guide plate.

4. Ramp: 3pcs of ramp, 900x2000mm(WXL), zinc-plated steel

5. Main door: 3-folds of handmade door, 3000X2650MM (WXH), thickness: 50mm, made by 0.6mm colour steel with polystyrene inside, colour: white, adiabatic toughened glasses.

6. Personal door: 1-fold, 800x2000MM (WXH), thickness: 50mm, made by colour steel with polystyrene inside, colour: white, aluminium alloy covered doors. With pressure lock and door closer

7. Wall panel: EPS heat preservation panel double skinned, tongue and groove construction, thickness: 50MM, made by colour steel. Colour: white

8. Roof panel: Galvanized steel

9. Lighting: Upper inclined lights: 8 units x4pcs=36Wx32pcs;

Lower lights: 8 units x4pcs=20Wx32pcs; Lighting box made by cold plate and paint white powder

10. Ceiling: Top bracket made of profiled steel and zinc plated, connecting plate and channel made by cold roll plate and spray white powder, ceiling filter frame made of type C steel and spray white powder.

11. Generator setting type: Intake air from side upper, exhaust air from rear upper. Quadrate steel frame, outside is white coated steel.

12. Intake fan: 2x4KW double-intake centrifugal fan, model: YDW4.5L,

Tot all capacity: 24000m3/h

13. Extract fan: 1×5.5KW double-intake centrifugal fan, model: YDW4.5S

Capacity: 15000 m3/h

14. Heating system: 1 pc Riello G20 oil burner, maximum hear productivity: 200000Kcal, Stainless steel heat exchanger, with anti-explosion hole, pneumatic damper executes from spraying to baking cycle

15. Filter system: Pre-filter, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), floor filter(fiberglass), extract active carbon filter

16. Control system: Spraying, risen-temperature spraying, baking temperature, time setting, lighting switch, emergency stop, failure indicator, time accumulator, limited-temperature device.

17. Power supply: 1X220V, 3X380V(50HZ)

18. Illuminance: ?800LUX

19. Highest working temperature: 80?

20. Total power: 18KW






III. Functional description for control system


1. Emergency stop

If there is some emergency, press the button to stop running and resets it to connect the supplier power.

\"clip_image013\"2. Key switch

When using this equipment, the key is on, the circuit of control box is pre-electrify to supply power for all electric components. If you want to stop the equipment, you could turn off the key switch or emergency stop.

\"clip_image015\"3. Spraying switch

(1). When the spraying switch is on, the intake/ exhaust air fan start to work at orders and the inner circulation damper is closed.

(2). When the spraying switch is off, the control system auto-close for protection.


(3). Please check if the air fan is running according to the arrowhead before spraying.

(4). If need to stop, press the emergency stop button and the control system auto-close.

\"clip_image017\"4. Risen-temperature switch

(1).when need to heat up for spraying, you can turn on the risen-temperature switch. The intake/ exhaust air fan start to work. When the surrounding temperature is less than 15? ( The normal temperature is less than 10?). Also the burn starts to work. The outside fresh air is through the intake air duct and enters into the room.

(2).The risen-temperature switch is off, the control system auto-close.

(3).Before operation, the temperature must be set to avoid the high temperature. The initial temperature is 20?.

(4). If need to stop urgently, please press the emergency stop to auto-close.

5. Baking switch

\"clip_image019\"(1). On the condition that thermometer and time scale have been set up well, turn on the baking switch and the intake air fan starts up, the burner starts to ignite and heat up, and the thermometer auto-control. Check the setting current value of the thermometer before it starts up in order to avoid the temperature being too high. Initialized value is 60?.

(2). When the baking switch is turned off, the control system will be closing and protecting state automatically, at the same time, the burner stops heating, the intake/exhaust air fan will stop last for 2 min. the initial time is 2min.

(3). When the baking time arrive to the setting one, the power supplier is auto-closed, and the air fan still runs, the heating exchanger run last for 2mins. The initial one is 2min.


(4). If you want to set the time, please turn off the baking switch first, then adjust the value of the timetable to make sure input correctly,

\"clip_image021\"(5). When it is needed to stop baking urgently, turn off the baking switch to keep the control system being closing and protecting state.

\"clip_image023\"6. Lighting system

(1). Turn the light switch left, the left lamp is light.

(2). Turn the light switch right, the right lamp is light.

(3). When baking, the light stops running, the other operation will not affect the lighting.

7. Baking-time accumulator

\"clip_image025\"Baking will be auto-control, and power off the burner automatically if the baking time reaches the expected time.

(1). Setting method in detail: adjust the switch to the number you need, for example: ( means 30 minutes.

(2). Set the baking time (0-9000min) to heat the burner.

To make sure the correct input, power off after set the time up well, and then reconnect it in 2 seconds.


\"clip_image029\"8. Time accumulator

When intake/exhaust air fan starts up, the time accumulator begins accumulating and displays the current data of running time. When the exhaust fan stops working, so is the time accumulator. Please replace the filtering cotton after the time reaching to 400h.

\"clip_image031\"9. Differential pressure gauge

(1).The pressure is -15 or +20Pa when normally use spraying and risen-temperature

(2).Inside the spray booth there is pressure: 18-25KPa.

(3).When the pressure is more than 30MPa, please replace the ceiling filter and floor filter.

(4).Please fixup 2pcs blue steam fitter and put into air intake room when install spray booth.

(5).Using mouth forced steam fitter and blow pressure gauge shows the current pressure If need to test.


IV. Installation and Debugging

1. Installation

1) Please check the control cabinet and control panel whether there are damage or not, and the components and cable head inside the cabinet whether have been broke off, loose or not?

2) Make sure the direction of intake/exhaust air fan, burner, lighting power cable, and use insulated duct to protect these cables.

3) Please follow the rule of operation for the electric appliance strictly when you connect the control cabinet.

4)Cross section area of burner power supply wire?4x1mm2?

Cross section area of lighting power supply wire?3×2.5mm2?

Cross section area of damper power supply wire?3x1mm2?

Cross section area of intake fan (4Kw) power supply wire?2.5×4mm2?

Cross section area of exhaust fan (5.5Kw) power supply wire?4×4mm2?

Cross section area of control panel power supply wire?16mm2?

5) The line which must through the wall should match with protective layer and far away from heat source. And the line which is near to the rotary parts should be fixed well.

6) Outside shell of ventilator, control box, temperature control meter should be connected with earth wire.?bury earth-plate if possible?

7) Electrical appliances must be installed under the guidance of professional technical personnel of electrical engineering, strictly follow the circuit diagram, operating instruction and it is prohibited to operate by the personnel without permission.

2. Debugging

1) To test out the flexibility of fan’s mechanical transmission by eyes and hands.

2) To test by eyes whether the heat overload value, circuit breaker and the main switch are in accordance with the circuit diagram or not.

3) Try to electrify to fan and confirm that it runs as the positive direction.

4) Adjustment of normal temperature spraying

The breaker of power supply is on, emergency stop button (SB) is connected, the power supply switch is on, the lighting indicator lamp is light, and the temperature controller does not participate in this process. The normal temperature spraying switch “ON1” is on, its indicator lamp is light, and the time accumulator starts to work, inner circulation damper is open. The intake air fans start up, so is the exhaust air fan in few seconds later. And then the whole system is on normal temperature spraying cycle.

5) Adjustment of risen-temperature spraying

When the ambient temperature is too low, for ensuring the quality of spraying, we must use the burner to heat up.

Setting the spraying temperature (usual is about 20?), meanwhile, turn on the risen-temperature spraying switch (SA), its indicator lamp will light, and the time accumulator starts to work, inner circulation damper is open. The temperature controller participates in this process to auto-control the burner working. The temperature in booth keeps at about the pre-set one. And the working principle of other electric appliances is same as the normal temperature spraying cycle.

6) Adjustment of baking

1. First, the spraying switch is at “OFF” position, setting the baking temperature (we have set at 60? initially), turn off the lighting switch, then, turn on the baking switch, next, set the baking time.

2. Electrify to electric damper and turn the open position into closed. On baking, the hot air will circulate inside booth.

3. Baking indicator lamp is light, exhaust air fan stops working, and only one intake fan running at rated speed.

4. The burner failure indicator lamp is light when the burner fails to ignition on baking cycle.

5. The burner will stop working when there is something wrong with the intake air fan during baking cycle. The temperature regulator (KO2) as the exceed-temperature protector device controls the temperature inside booth.

6. The state of the burner will be controlled by the temperature regulator which controls the baking temperature automatically. Once the baking section is setting, all steps will be followed as the auto-control state to finish the baking process.

7) Electrify to lights, connect the contactor, at this time, all the lights should be alight.

8) The setting value of temperature controller should be corresponding at 115?.

9) Adjustment of temperature controller (we have set at 0-60 initially)

Risen-temperature spraying setting is at 20?, baking temperature setting is at 60?.

10) Adjustment of burner

The object of heating is closely related to the use situation. When the pressure of heat exchanger increased, air capacity output will reduce, thus must reduce the pressure (or use smaller nozzle) to reduce oil volume, and then the combustion capacity will go down. On the contrary, it needs to increase the capacity of combustion, please refer to instruction manual of burner (the burner is in the best state as the practical running environment before leaving factory.) so place the burner in heating exchanger to adjust.

Adjustment of oil volume with adjusting-screw: adjustment at the clockwise direction will increase the oil volume. On the contrary, at the counterclockwise direction will reduce the oil volume.

When on adjustment, please increase the oil volume, air capacity as large as possibly and there is no heavy smoke appearing is better, which means the burner is in the best working condition.

11) Adjustment of electric damper

After installing the pneumatic damper, please confirm the direction of damper and ensure the open degree of damper.

V. Methods of Common Troubleshooting

1. Once the fan starts up, power supply cut off.

Check: heat over loading value? connect earth wire? insulated between phase wire (disconnect loading) ? phase wire ground insulated

2. After starting up air fan, appears abnormal voice, then power supply cut off.

Check: if the heating over loading value is enough or not? melting point of fuse? if the main power supply is lack of phase or not? the temperature of fan surface goes up (judge if it is over load strictly or not)

3. Burner fails to ignite


1). Contact power supply circuit

To check whether it is connected or not?

2). To check whether the photographic switch is shaded, damaged or not?

The pre-voltage of high voltage generator is 220V, sub-wire is connected well, electrode distance. Is there electric arc discharged by high voltage?

3). Connect on power to the magnet valve, check whether the valve works or not?

4). Adjust the damper to check whether the intake air volume is too much or not?

5). To check whether there is water mixing with the diesel oil or not? Or the air in oil box is not exhausted completely.

6). The control box is damaged.

4. The burner works unstably

1). Go out automatically after ignition

Check: if the outside shell of photographic switch is shaded by dust or not, there is no photoreceptor signal feedback to the control box.

2). The control box is damaged.

3). The oil pipe is blocked or there is water in the oil.

5. Adjustment of exhaust air duct with black smoke

1) The damper opens too narrow or there is resistance in the intake air inlet.

2) The atomization of the spray nozzle is in bad condition.

3) Adjustment between damper and burner is improper, and then the input air volume is too small.

4) Adjustment of air pressure is so high that the air can not be burnt sufficiently.


?.Warning and notice

1?Operators must be trained strictly.

2?Installation and failure examination must be carried out by professional personnel.

3?Before installation, please check whether all parts are in good condition or not.

4?Check all the connect line terminals of the electric appliances are insulated correctly and fixed well. Check whether the ground resistance of all high power equipments and electric cabinet is according with the national requirement or not, so is the insulating resistance. The system must be reliable and grounded.

5?Safety instruction of this equipment must be complied with strictly.

6?Check whether the installation and connection are correct or not before power-on.

7?Do not touch those moving parts in case of injury.

8?It is forbidden to disassemble and assemble when the machine is running. On the process of disassembling the control box or moving parts, you must switch off the power supply first.

9?Do not put the flammable and explosive items on the machine in case of accident.

10?Note: this manual must work with the Instruction of Burner G20.

This manual must be read carefully before operation.

The operator must make sure that all the running and other parts of this machine will not cause accident and bring danger to people.


Operator must be trained strictly when using this machine. In order to maximize the efficiency of the machine, the user must be concerned about the operation condition and do the regular maintenance in the using process. The instruction of maintenance is as follows.

1. Observe whether the power supply and air supply are normal or not, also the wire and air duct are damaged or not.

2. Discharge the cold water in the pressure adjustable valve completely. Do switch off the power supply and air supply everyday when is off work. And make sure the power supply switch off then can come into next step.

3. On cleaning the machine, you can wipe the surface with dry and soft cloth. And you can use the compressed air to clean the place where is heavy dust and can not be touched easily.

4. On wiping, being concerned about whether there is any loose screw or not. If you find any one, please turn it tightly at once.

5. Please keep the baking room inside clean, and keep both the air inlet and outlet free in routine operation.

6. After spraying 100sets/time or so, please replace the ceiling filter cotton once. (Note: it depends on the practical situation)

7. After spraying 25 vehicles or using for a moth, please replace the floor filter cotton once.

8. Clean the burner and filtering device of oil once a week to ensure the oil pipe free and no sundries deposit.

9. Please replace the pre-filter cotton in the air inlet after using for a moth. (Note: it depends on the outside environment.)

10. It is prohibited to add diesel oil while the burner is running.

Make sure there is more than 5 kilograms of diesel oil in the oil tank in normal using. And oil of non-fuel oil is absolutely forbidden.

11. Please check the activated carbon filter screen in the environmental protection activated carbon cabinet every ten days. If the surface of the activated carbon is covered with paint, please replace the activated carbon.

12. Please maintain the combination of door hinge every two months, and add some butter in round bearings. Use the compressed air to clean up the booth inside. It also needs to clean the thermocouple sensor once every month.

13. If do not use the equipment for long time, please switch off the main power supply of electric control box, and open the door to ventilate for one hour every morning to prevent so much water gathering in the room.

14. Please maintain the intake and exhaust air fan transmission wheel and belts every year.





?.Safety equipment rules

1. Clean and remove all the sundries inside booth before operation.

2. The operators must be trained strictly (especially security training) before going on duty.

3. One person takes charge of starting the machine up when there are more than one operator. Make sure that there are no people closing to the running parts of machine before starting up. And inform others in advance.

4. Please press the emergency stop button in time and warn others if you find something abnormal during the machine is working.

5. Any parts of body and any goods unless they need and enough safeguards are not allowed to touch the running parts of machine, especially circumrotated parts or entrances. Professional staff who debugs the machine should inform the operators in advance.

6. Someone who is not switch-operator should inform the operator before adjusting and debugging the machine.

7. Pay attention to the surrounding situation (person, devices and driving parts) and make sure it is safe to start up before turning on the emergency stop switch and connecting the power again.

8. Press the emergency stop switch before taking the machine apart and cleaning it in case of the misoperation. Any improper operations, including cleaning, are forbidden while the machine is running.

9. Pay attention to the water which should not enter into the control box and the power supply input and other parts while cleaning the machine to prevent endangering parts of machine and the security of person.

10. Turn off the power supply if it needs a long time for maintenance, and hang a warning board “starting up prohibited” on a prominent position of machine.

11. Do not remove or modify parts of machine, especially the security defending parts, without permission. Protecting the security mark during operating is also very important.

12. After maintaining, you need to clean up the scene and drive the running parts with manpower to check the troubles before re-starting up.

13. Turn off the power supply and lock it to prevent others starting the machine up after all the operators leaving the working area. The fellows who are not eligible in training are not allowed to operate the machine.

14. Please inform maintenance staff or supplier in time if you find the troubles during working. Do not deal with them without permission.

The electric control parts have been debugged before sending out factory. You can modify the component parameters according to the practical condition. But there is no need to modify them under normal circumstance.

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